Universal Boxing Union snapped up by GBC

December 27, 2007

Bit depressed this morning, as I found out that those enterprising chaps at the GBC have snapped up the “rights” to the Universal Boxing Union, one of the few remaining names left from the more common groups of words used to make your DIY sanctioning body.  All they say however, is that UBU title fights “are also available” on the GBC site. Maybe I could just start up the UBU regardless and fain ignorance of them claiming the rights.

Why I want the rights to the UBU is that I really want to start my own sanctioning body. What’s been delaying me is that I just can’t decide what to do with it. I was thinking about doing a satirical version of the existing boards, undercutting everyone with $50 sanctioning fees. I also found title belts made in India for $200 or less. I wouldn’t give a jot about who was involved in the fights. Alexandru Manea wants to fight for the world title? Go ahead. Rob Calloway wants a bit of my Asia-Pacific Oriental Latino title? Just the man.

 So that was one idea. I can knock up a decent-enough looking website. Copy another board’s by-laws into word and chop away at it. Set up a paypal account for payment like the WBE. Should keep me in PPVs for a while.

 My other idea was to do it sensibly. Be a whiter than white sanctioning body which upheld esteemed values. Not-for-profit; sanctioning fees covered admin costs only; no bloody stupid ethnic titles where only one of the guys actually belongs to that group. In terms of the rankings, which form a major part of the big 4’s reputation, I was going to go for computerised rankings, a la IBO, or boxrec.  I personally think the IBO has better rankings than any of the WBO, IBF, WBA or WBC, because they are unbiased. The only problem is that, because they are still quite lightly regarded, they cannot enforce mandatories – not enough clout. They also let title challengers come from anywhere in the top-35 of their rankings – top 50 in some circumstances – which brings down the rep of their belt. However, if they stipulated that all challengers must come from their top 15, and enforced mandatories, then they’d get about 2 sanctioning fees a year.

So anyway, whilst I’m not entirely sure how the following would work, I had the idea of getting the fans to vote for their top 10 rankings. Whilst there’s going to be some who will be quite stupidly biased about it, I’m sure if there were sufficient numbers, we’d get some pretty good rankings out of it. Would also give the sanctioning body a bit of unique kudos in being the only board where rankings are compiled by the fans.

Going in to more detail about this, I invisage setting up a forum, where folks have a set period (10 days maybe) to submit their top 10. Obviously there’d be rules about one submission per IP address, I’d have sole discretion to remove a set of rankings if I thought they were dodgy etc.

 Their rankings would also have to come from a short list. And this takes us on to the question: (and my biggest problem with sanctioning bodies) What makes a boxer worthy of a world title shot?

Now we’re looking to crown the best in the world here, so a challenger must be capable of being competative and not outclassed. My provisional filtering system would be something like:

Boxer must have 10 professional fights; Boxer must have participated in a minimum of 2 fights scheduled for 10 rounds (or one at 12 – something like that anyway;) etc etc. stuff like that anyway.

Once the rankings are compiled, then I’d set up some fairly stringent policies re making world title fights. No interim champions, mandatory every 12 months – even if injured the champion is stripped and must go back to being ranked. All the usual stuff anyway. Obviously I wouldn’t get much action sanctioning wise at the start, as the top fighters and promotors are going to be looking for a “top 4” belt. But it would be acorn stuff I guess. Dang that UBU acronym going though.


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